A list of fundraisers you can support right now.

7 fundraisers to support this week

Consider paying it forward by supporting one of these causes.

August 21, 2020
7 fundraisers to support this week Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images
Father(CKDFighter)Hero Leaves After Heart Attack

Anthony is fundraising to support his family in wake of his father’s passing.


Each week, The FADER rounds up a small selection of calls for donations from causes furthering the goals of equality and social justice, with a focus on areas that are overlooked in modern media coverage. If you have any comments or suggestions for the roundup, contact us on Twitter or Instagram.


“He was my everything he did everything he could and the only thing he left me was an apartment that I’m struggling to keep right now so if you can help in anyway possible God Bless You.” — Anthony

Chemo Bills, No Electricity, Car Repoed

Dorinda cannot work due to the Covid-19 crisis, and is struggling to get by on just her husband’s disabled veterans check. She is fundraising for chemo costs and general costs of living.

“I just need a little help till I get back on my feet. If everyone that sees this can just donate $5 or $10 it would be a big help. I appreciate you taking the time to view. Thank you and be blessed.” — Dorinda

Help Gambian Law Student Settle Tuition Debt

Law student Abdoulie needs assistance paying his tuition debt, which he needs to do in order to collect his official graduation papers.

“I would have been all done and dusted with the University of The Gambia and moved onto the next stage in my journey as an ambitious, young pupil of the world, but I can’t.” — Abdoulie

Help Clarabelle Get Acid Reflux Surgery

Clarabelle needs acid reflux surgery in order to live her life without headaches, difficulty breathing, and other debilitating side-effects.


“The cost of this surgery is around 3k. The recovery time varies, and as such I will be losing income from my business for that period of time. I’m asking you to please donate and share to support me. This surgery is what I need to claim back my life!” — Clarabelle

Homeless Black Trans Refugee Needs Housing Funds

Barbadian trans woman and refugee Alexa is in need of funds to secure safe housing away from transphobia and violence.

“Alexa does not want to end up homeless and without community support again. She often contemplates detransitioning and returning to Barbados because of how terrible her circumstances have been in Canada. No doubt, this country has failed her.” — Sonny Jo, fundraiser organiser

Grassroots Fund for Vulnerable LGBTQ in Beirut

A fundraiser to support displaced members of the LGBTQ+ community in Beirut.

“This fundraiser supports the establishment of a medium-term safety net for a number of vulnerable trans and queer individuals, to cover rent, healthcare, and other expenses related to putting their lives back together over the next 2 months.” — Fundraiser organisers

Islamic Help Gaza

A fund to help the people of Gaza.

“With resources, hospitals and medical facilities under severe strain, the population of Gaza finds itself facing further suffering and uncertainty as a legacy of conflict.” — Islamic Help Gaza

7 fundraisers to support this week