Tokyo’s Friday Night Plans create a lonely CGI world in their “Decoy” video

Check out the Japanese collective’s new song, taken from upcoming project Complex.

October 22, 2019

Friday Night Plans, a Tokyo-based collective revolving around vocalist Masumi and an array of collaborators, combine moody electronic soundscapes with mind-bending visuals. Their latest, a bouncy house tune titled "Decoy," is premiering above.


The video was directed by Shotaro Nishioka of PERIMETRON, who worked with Friday Night Plans on their recent "All the Dots" video. The group worked alongside computer game developers to create a character we find alone in a hotel room. The scene is uncanny, as she dances around a CGI hotel room it is reminiscent of turn of the century games in which open worlds were first explored. There's a vapidness to the luxury setting, but also a sadness in this lonely character, too.

Speaking about the video via email, Masumi told The FADER: “The main character of this song is seduced by things that give her a temporary euphoria and she sacrifices her time for it as an escape from pain and agony. Even though she knows that the feeling is not real, the escape route becomes more and more drastic to keep running away from the despair and guilt. It’s easy to look at someone like that and just dismiss her as something hopeless but I wanted to say that I understand that there is emptiness and sadness behind that and she really wants to get out of it. If you pour something into a cup with a hole it will never become full, and if you continue to use the hole, it becomes bigger and bigger. There are so many steps to go through when repairing the hole, and it can be discouraging at times. Even if you repair it, it might break again but it’s ok. It’s ok to take your time.”

Friday Night Plans release their Complex project on November 15.

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Thumbnail image via Risa Nishimura.

Tokyo’s Friday Night Plans create a lonely CGI world in their “Decoy” video